Monday, September 8, 2008

First assignment O.o

My opinion on the work of Jo Ann Beard is that truthfully I did not find it interesting at all. her writing was so descriptive that it almost put me to sleep. She writes in reference to her dog, "She drinks prodigious amounts of water and pees in great volumes onto the folded blankets where she sleep." I find this sentence way to wordy . The majority of her sentence are long and boring almost as if she is being paid per word. Ahhhhh I truthfully hated her writing so hopefully I will have more to write about Cooper so I will be able to fulfill the writing requirements for a page.

Ok so it's been like 5 mins or so and I read the first 2 pages. My comments on that O.o I loved the Jewish part, made me laugh, probably because I am Jewish and have had many encounters with people pronouncing food and my middle name wrong. Anyways back to the story.

So I finished the required reading for this week and I must say that I loved Cooper's writing. I can not believe I actually enjoyed something a teacher assigned, kind of a shock. About the story, I loved the fact that it was not one of those straight love tales, there are to many of those, but in fact it was about a gay guy. The character made me feel like I just wanted to be there and explain to him that there is nothing wrong with being gay. However, I did not like the fact that his mother had a vibe that she did not want any child of hers to be gay.

The author put me directly in the story it was almost if as I could touch them. I definitely enjoyed this story. The story by Beard I was unable to relate to in any shape or form, however the story from Cooper I could relate to in the way that many of my friends and even some of my family members are gay.

Well that is todays blog entry and now I am going to finally get my lunch :)


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