Friday, November 21, 2008

the movie

I loved the movie. It was nice to hear their expression in there voices. I like how the hand of her dead friend was shown in the movie unlike the book. I stayed until the end of the movie so I was able to get the full feel for the movie. It was also nice that it was in English.

finishing persepolis

Ok so I liked this book better than the other one. It was easier to read and it wasn't as gory. At one point I actually had trouble at putting it down. I like how it is written with cushions for every thing that happens.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Ok so I read up to page 120 a little more than we were supposed to but I got caught up in the book. Growing up in a Jewish school Iwas forced to learn about the revolution but while reading this book I was finally able to get their side of the story. I was drawn into the story and had trouble putting the book down.
I like how the dead are depicted as laying down in staright lines.
It bothered me how the father went to the maids lover and explained that she was really a maid and not his daughter. I felt so bad for her loosing someong she cared for so much.
I enjoy how the book goes back in time briefly at some points, I never lose track of what time period it is.
So far Persepolis has really impressed me. I look forward to reading the last of it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

first two chapters

ok so I read the first two chapters of the second book of maus, I really did not like it. These books are making me really upset. However, I do like the way on some of the pages the charcters are shaded black, but I can not figure out what it means.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

finishing first book of maus

group one
topic 3
p99 lines showing he is scared
p96 phone ringing
p143 lines to show darkness in closet
146 lines to show darkness

So in reading the rest of the first book, it made me very upset. I mean everything is written very well, but I would rather not put myself in the this story. I like how the style of everything doesn't change throughout the book, and there is nothing absract.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

maus chapters 1-2

group 1

I find the topic of the holocaust extremely difficult to deal with. In high school I took a college credit course on this and had a lot of trouble staying in the room when the movies where playing. I really hope these books are better, and more tolerable. Also I know some survivors and have heard there stories so I would like to compare this book to what i haev heard.

p21 when on the phone the way it is written
p 20 when lucia is on the floor begging there is nothing abstract to represent this
p28 worry with the marks of sweat coming off his face

Saturday, October 25, 2008

blankets chapters 1-2

The amount of pictures vary, however, when Thompson is making a dramatic scene there seems to be only one picture per page.
on page 89 I liked how it showed meeting different types of people, even those who are going against the rules.
p93 Why does this scene take up one page?
p208-209 why have jesus, and her naked?