Saturday, October 25, 2008

fun home chapters 3-7

On page 100 I asked myself was is there a picture of a semi naked guy, what was the meaning of having this here.
Books all over…kind of a mess…disorinting … feels like she is in the womb she is in the fetal postion.
Page 79 in the fetal postion talking to her family on te phone same book on th phone
With mycloud in mind why does she put the photoes in a completely different imagiry than the rest of the book? The less relaistic they are so we can put ourselves in them, so we can relate to them.
Age 94 last panel smiling just a little bit
P219 biggest his eye is
You see his handwriting.
Timeless pp179 first time you get a full veiw of everything see there world see the tree tipped ove rin the back. See the house. Sort of weight to te photo.
Transitions…action to action
Aspect to aspect
On page 70 mcloud lists the actions. The doment form of transtion in western is action to action
P220 221 we have one block eveything is the same size
3-5 images per pages
relationships with words and pictures

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